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Host Information

Thinking of hosting an event during EcoFest?

Download our handy event preparation checklist, or scroll down to follow through the steps.



(18 January - 18 February)
  • Planned my event(s). Download our event planning guides for in-person and hybrid events and virtual events for helpful tips.

  • Set up a booking system (unless using a booking system provided by your EcoFest support organisation)

  • Registered my event(s) with EcoFest to appear on the website

  • Applied for all necessary permits and permissions (see Auckland Council’s website for more information)

  • Planned my promotion

  • Secured my venue and catering (when applicable) or set up my virtual platform. See our Venue Hire List if you need a venue.

Final event preparation

(18 February - 18 March)
  • Promoted the event(s) via my networks

  • Undertook final event prep

  • Received all necessary permits and permissions

  • Signed up to other events on the programme

  • Checked that all info about my event(s) on the EcoFest website is correct



(18 March - 16 April)
  • Delivered the event(s)

  • Sent out post-event participant survey

  • Filled out the EcoFest event host survey

  • Enjoyed other events on the programme

EcoFest 101 Host Webinar

Watch to learn more about what it means to host an event with EcoFest!

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